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About Us

” Quality workmanship, quality manufacturing”

We strive to provide you with the highest quality service and we always prioritize customer satisfaction. We find the true meaning of our work thanks to our loyal customers like you.

We are here with our creative ideas to redesign your home

MIMOTTO FURNITURE, With its 35 years of experience, Mimotto Furniture reflects its principle of “quality workmanship – quality manufacturing” to the designs it produces, and meets all the furniture needs in construction projects at its production facility set up on an area of 3000 m2. Our facility has a robust machine park and with the raw materials we use in this park which comply with world standards, we manage to carry out production that keeps up with the trends of the era. We prioritize human health and work safety in our facility where we work with experts and trained craftsmen in their fields. All the furniture you dream of are designed and modeled by our creative architects and engineers, and sent to production.